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Berkshire Telephone Systems Ltd
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Do you want to save money on your telephone lines rental and telephone call charges?

Let us show you what we can save you, it's free to find out

For more information or for a free quote - call us on 01491 682 552 or press the contact us now button

We run a report comparing your telephone charges to the telephone rental and call packages we can offer.
How would you like to reduce your phone bill?

This includes local calls, national calls, international calls, as well as reductions on mobile calls.

Very simply - there are other alternatives to BT.

We can offer you savings on your calls and line rental

This means that without changing your existing telephone lines, telephone numbers or telephone system you can cut the cost of the rental you pay for your telephone lines, outbound calls your company makes.

Unlike other companies we will not tie you in to long term contracts

Key points:

Savings on calls and line rental
Lower cost installation of lines whether Analogue ISDN2, ISDN30, SIP trunking
Broadband choices
0800, 0844 telephone lines

Optional Exchange level reports to show call performance - ( including, unanswered, abandoned, successful, average ring time, longest ring time, and lots more information to enable you to run an efficient service to get the best out of your investment in telecoms equipment to deal with your customers)

call us today and let us help you to reduce you expenditure.